Keeping up with the corona: How i’m accepting, adapting, and building during the outbreak

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I work in the restaurant industry so I’m not making anything at the moment. I have shifts but it’s been slow as dirt and I’d rather give what little money there is to go around to people who have no immediate savings and/or income at this time.

Even with that, I’m not super nervous.

Not because I have more or less resources than others but because I’ve decided to accept, adapt and build in these times instead of being afraid. It’s a powerful feeling and I hope you’ll join me.

So look forward to more daily updates about how I’m Keeping up with the Corona. I’m hoping these updates will help other people dealing with similar issues due to the outbreak. As always, let me do the research so you don’t have to!!

So without further ADO, here’s what I’m up to today:

  1. Working on setting up a supportive circle in my immediate community so we can barter/assist one another
  2. Calling my lenders and requesting emergency forbearance on my Student Loans. So far the wait time is astronomical but what else am I gonna do, lol!? EDIT for Sallie Mae it was faster to use their online chat function to speak to a representative – it took me around 8 minutes to get through to someone whereas the phone was still on hold after 45 minutes. The agent put me in for a one month forbearance which isn’t much but it’s a start. It was fast and she needed no info from me to get it done.
  3. Organizing the house and garden to get ready for the raised beds we’re going to set up to start producing some of our own fruits and veggies
  4. Checking in with friends and family to see how they’re holding up

I’ll post updates on how all this stuff went a little later for you guys!

That’s all for now but before I go, remember – we’re all in this together, we CAN get through this if we accept, adapt, and build instead of deny, resist, and hoard. We got this <3

Much love,


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