Soul Story: Overcoming Abuse – Taylor’s Story

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Taylor Hagemann

***Soul Stories is a series where bloggers open up about their unique experiences with mental health. Each Soul Story highlights themes of resiliency and growth through adverse situations. If you’d like to have yours featured please visit our Tell Your Story Page!***

We have another Soul Story for you today!

This one comes to us from the brave and beautiful Taylor Hagemann (who goes by Tay). Tay is a blogger, vlogger, and MH advocate from the Midwest who shares her unique perspective on mental health through her writing.

When I read through Tay’s story, on Tay Hagemann Blog, so much of it sounded familiar. I’d also been through emotional abuse at the hands of a cheater and liar. I’ve also dealt with PTSD and had a hard time learning to love myself again.

It’s never easy to talk about these things, but that doesn’t stop Tay. She’s not only got her blog but also an awesome YouTube Channel called Midwest Depressed (love it!) to help people follow her on her healing journey.

Tay is indeed a great Voice of Mental Health and we’re so happy she’s shared her story with us. You can check it out below and please remember to follow her socials:

Taylor’s Soul Story


Tell us about an event where your mental health was challenged

I was in an abusive relationship where I was manipulated to think I was crazy. I already struggled with depression but that made things 100x’s worse. Later came my PTSD diagnosis from all the things he put me through.

How did you overcome it?

I overcame it by standing up for myself and finding self-worth. I left the relationship and didn’t look back. It’s easier said than done because it took me many many months to do so.

How did this event change your life positively and/or negatively?

It changed my life for the better because I was able to actually love myself enough to leave! I have never been able to do that before. I have always put others before me and it always ruined things for me.

What’s one piece of advice you have for others in the same situation?

Always put yourself first. Yes it might sound selfish but we need to think about our own mental health and how we are treating ourself before we do anything for anyone else. In my experience putting others before myself just hurt me even more.

Wrap Up

And that’s Taylor’s Soul Story!

What inspires me the most about Tay’s story is how boldly she tells it. She’s a strong, inspiring young woman with a big future as a blogger and voice for mental health. You’ll definitely see what I mean once you read through her story and check out her blog!


Much Love,


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