Soul Story: It’s Never Too Late to Heal – Brenda’s Story

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It’s Never Too Late to Heal: Our soul story today comes from the incredible Brenda of Ruby Hem Ministries. On her blog, Brenda writes about her journey through a troubled and tumultuous youth which left her with PTSD and CPTSD later in life.

After 40 years of running from her feelings, Brenda finally decided to take a stand. Through a combination of therapy, commitment to Christianity, self reflection, and research Brenda is bravely facing her trauma. Her story shows us that it’s never to late to heal.

You can find a portion of her story below – if you want to read more, please check out Brenda’s website, Facebook page, and Christian Life Coaching Services. You can also find her doing Instagram Lives, sharing awesome content on Pinterest, and chatting with the community on Twitter.

It’s Never Too Late to Heal – Brenda’s Story

Tell us about an event where your mental health was challenged

I have had several events during which my mental health was challenged, leading to my being diagnosed with PTSD and CPTSD.

These events include childhood trauma; a sexually and verbally abusive ex; working in the adult industry; reading Tarot cards for money; being robbed; and having lived through several traumatic car accidents.

How did you overcome it?

After having ran from these traumas for 40 years, I am currently undergoing a journey toward healing.

I’m working with a therapist to help me grieve for the life I’ve lost and become empowered to live the life that’s meant to be for me. At the same time I’m allowing Christ to work in my life through church, Bible study and prayer.

Journaling and crafting have also been beneficial to me, as well as starting to take better care of my health so I stop robbing God of His time for His will to be worked out in my life.

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How did this event change your life positively and/or negatively?

I feel that when I manage to work all these things out I will be (surprisingly) much stronger because of them.

What’s one piece of advice you have for others in the same situation?

Don’t run from your issues. Facing them is challenging at times and difficult at other times. Strength and bravery will be needed, as will time to mourn and feel sad about things that happened to you. Christ understands and loves you anyways. Let Him help you through this journey

Wrap Up

Brenda’s story resonates so much with me, as I too have been through PTSD and still live with CPTSD. I was diagnosed much later in my life after many years of destructive self medicating.

I often feel guilty – as if I’ve wasted half my life running from mental illness. But stories like Brenda’s remind me that no life is ever wasted. It’s all a learning experience. It makes me realize that talking about my experiences can help others.

And that it’s never too late to heal!

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