Soul Stories: Postpartum Psychosis and Unexpected Miracles – Beth’s Story

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***Soul Stories is a series where bloggers open up about their unique experiences with mental health. Each Soul Story highlights themes of resiliency and growth through adverse situations. If you’d like to have yours featured please visit our Tell Your Story Page!***

Welcome back to another edition of Soul Stories! Today we’re chatting with Beth Elkassih, professional blogger and author of “The Power of Unexpected Miracles.

Her blog and novel take readers through the jarring experience of postpartum psychosis (find out more about PPP in our Mental Health for Moms Article).

But PPP wasn’t a stopping point for Beth, instead the experience was a door to a whole new life. Now she’s telling her story and helping other women who may have gone through similar experiences.

Check out a bit of Beth’s story below. And if you’d like to know more, head on over to her website: Made You Smile Back.

Beth’s Story – Postpartum Psychosis and Unexpected Miracles

Tell us about an event where your mental health was challenged

Although I have suffered my share of clinical depression and anxiety from time to time… I was challenged and survived acute postpartum depression including a 3 Day incident experiencing Postpartum Psychosis as well.

How did you overcome it?

After therapy, proper meds, self-care I survived. I even wrote a book about it: ‘The Power of Unexpected Miracles’ about the birth of my 3rd daughter at age 41 and our survival, both physically and mentally. I am an avid Mental Health Advocate and have a blog doing our part to remove the ‘stigma’ of mental illness.

How did this event change your life positively and/or negatively?

I am now a professional blogger offering encouragement, inspiration and thought-provoking content in regards to being a mental health advocate: I am the Creator of the Facebook Group – Achieving Happiness as well with 1220+ members and growing.

What’s one piece of advice you have for others in the same situation?

This too will pass… that you CAN reach out of your ‘rabbit hole’ for help… that you CAN get better… that you CAN get to the other side and use your experience to benefit others.

Wrap Up

Beth’s message that “this too will pass” resonates with me on many levels. I too had a potentially traumatizing mental health experience. There were times where I felt nothing would ever get better. I still often feel that way.

But remembering that the trouble is only temporary has allowed me continue on. Through small steps and gradual change, I have also come out on the other side. I am also able to use my experience to help others.

And you can too! So keep going <3

Much Love,


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8 thoughts on “Soul Stories: Postpartum Psychosis and Unexpected Miracles – Beth’s Story”

  1. During a hard mental health time it’s so important to remember that “this too will pass,” such a valuable message!! Thanks for sharing!! <3


    The more I read stories like these, the more I feel secure in sharing my own story. Thank you for sharing, thank you for being a voice for such a common yet highly misunderstood issue <3

  3. Thanks for sharing this story and working to destigmatize mental illness, also to highlight the realities of childbirth.

  4. This is a beautiful post! Thank you for having a platform where you bring people together to share their mental health stories. I am sure this provides encouragement and support for many who may be going through similar situations. Love and hugs for all!

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