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Hi! I’m Maria and I’m the Head Curator here at My Soul Balm.

I created this site after a traumatic experience with my local behavioral health system (you can read my story here).

During that time, I realized two things: first, that the behavioral health system in America is woefully broken. And second, if I was going to make change, I needed to get educated on all things mental health.

So I started My Soul Balm as a platform for mental health education and understanding. We talk about everything from living with CPTSD to keeping your finances on track during a MH crisis. We even have a whole tool-kit on learning and exercising your rights while hospitalized.

Amplifying the Voices of Mental Health

Besides providing resources, we also do our best to to amplify the voices of mental health.

Through the countless hours of research I’ve done for MSB, I noticed a theme.

I was finding tons of mental health content out there, but most of it was written by outside voices like psychologists, organizations, and researchers.

I really had to dig to find content created from the unique perspective of those dealing with mental illness first hand.

So our next great push here at MSB is to promote those wonderful voices across all our channels. You can expect lots of storytelling from many different experiences, cultures, and situations. We’ll also be using MSB as a platform for people to tell their stories and connect through our forum: Whispers from the Soul.

Find us on Social Media

Last but not least, we encourage you to follow us on Social Media, especially our Pinterest. There we curate the very best images, worksheets, and activities the web has to offer to help you through your mental health journey. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for reading <3

Much Love,


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