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Depression is complex, never the same from one person to the next which is exactly what makes it so hard to deal with. Below find the Soul Balm Approved Links to help make depression less of a beast to tackle.


  1. What is Depression? – A great video and article from the National Alliance on Mental Illness giving a general overview of depression, its symptoms, and treatments.
  2. Depression TED Lesson – An excellent animation detailing the important difference between being sad and having depressive disorder.
  3. Some Lesser Known Symptoms of Depression – Remember when I said depression is complex? I meant it. Check out some behaviors and patterns that you may not know indicate depression like memory problems and irritability.


  1. What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? – Kati Morton is engaging, funny, and informative as she explains to us the best type of psychotherapy for depression: CBT.
  2. List of Depression Medication Classes – Everyone is unique and so is their depression so it’s often a process to find the right medication for you. This is a handy guide to familiarize yourself with the types of medications you’ll likely discuss with your doctor.
  3. A Dose of Vulnerability – How often do we tell others and ourselves we’re “fine” when we’re really not? This is a good video on the power of vulnerability and how a dose of honesty can aid not just in your recovery, but that of others as well.
  4. “Meditating with Depression” -Insightful commentary from a writer who struggled to accept his disturbing depressed thoughts but found that doing so helped him heal. Mindfulness has shown to be extremely effective against depression and anxiety.

Community Support

  1. National Alliance on Mental Illness – NAMI is a nationwide organization with resources, a Crisis Helpline, and access to free support groups and classes to help handle depression. Find your local NAMI chapter at their website
  2. Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance – DBSA is also nationwide group offering consistent support meetings. Run by volunteer facilitators, this group of peer supporters offer advice and support to others going through depression. I personally cannot recommend this group highly enough!
  3. Tiny Buddha – Tiny Buddha has daily blog updates on a variety of mental health topics as well as a thriving community board where posters can get and give peer support online.

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