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Being hospitalized for mental health reasons can be a frightening experience which is hard to navigate, especially if it’s involuntary! We’re here to help with the Soul Balm Approved links below:


  1. Do I Need to Go to the Hospital? – Sometimes we don’t know what we need when we’re feeling unstable – do we need time? Do we need new medication? Do we just need a break from the world? This is a handy resource from Mental Health America that can help you determine if hospitalization is the right course of action for you.
  2. Things I Wish I’d Knew Before Going to the Hospital – I found this article extremely helpful before I went to the hospital for the first time – it gave me a very realistic picture of what I was walking in to.
  3. Alternatives to Acute Inpatient Hospitalization – from IOPs to PHPs to At Home or “Community Care, there are always alternatives to hospitalization that provide the same level of care with the comfort of being able to be at home every night. This is not advisable for those who are very unstable or psychotic, but are great options for someone who needs help but can still perform most daily functions.


  1. Best Treatment Centers for You – The American Residential Treatment Association has a wonderful website to help you decide which of its 30 members in the US would be best suited to your mental health and financial needs.
  2. Guide to Insurance and Accessing Mental Health Care – Mental Health America provides a great guide for those who don’t have insurance and want to seek help. It can be overwhelming to find care when you’re worried about the financials – this list can help!
  3. Remember your Rights – Click through to read my own article about the rights of psychiatric patients. We are all deserving of fair treatment, especially when hospitalized involuntarily. Learn how to be your own best advocate.

Community Care

  1. SAMSHA National Helpline – The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration offers a nationwide telephone referral service that can get you to the care you need 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 1-800-662-HELP (4357)
  2. List of Local Organizations that can Help with Mental Health – an interesting read from discussing community based organizations like Active Minds, 4-H and the National Parent Teacher Association that can help connect to, advocate for, and provide community mental health resources.
  3. Making Changes to the System – the Treatment Advocacy Center provides information on the push to decriminalize mental healthcare and advocates for the “Bed Instead” initiative, encouraging lawmakers to greatly expand the number of beds available to psychiatric patients in each state.
  4. Be The Change You Wish to See. Become an Advocate -Change starts with you! Check out this great article on the importance of mental health advocacy. If your community doesn’t seem to know enough about mental health issues – educate them. If your area isn’t providing enough resources – lobby local lawmakers for them. If people around you think mental illness equals weakness – tell your story and change their minds.

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