Kid Stuff: Mental Health Resources for Kids and Parents

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Welcome to Kid Stuff – the place for kids and parents to get a variety of mental health resources. Here you’ll find lots of videos, slideshows, worksheets, and more to help the little ones deal during difficult times.

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Are the Kids Alright?

With everything happening this year, kids might need some extra special support for their mental and emotional health. Find out how to spot the signs of Anxiety Disorders in your children and then read our article on Helping Your Child Deal With an Anxiety Disorder

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Support for Kids With Mental Health and Behavioral Challenges

Mental Health Resources for Kids From the Web:

Check out MSB’s Kids Mental Health Education and Resources Board for great activities, infographics and worksheets curated specifically for kids and parents. There’s truly something for everyone on this board! Find sections for each operational stage and a parent/caretaker specific section.

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

The Anna Freud Centre is a UK based charity that champions research, policy and education on children’s mental health. But this amazing organization does a lot more than research – they also share what they learn, providing invaluable resources for children and families all over the world!

Check out their Help for Children and Families page for more information and resources. They’ve also created some great videos specifically for children explaining mental health in a way they can relate to. The first is more geared towards teenagers:

While the second video is geared towards younger children and explains some basic principles of mental wellness from the mouths of students themselves. Brace yourselves – this one is truly adorable (one kid says that his self care is eating KFC and taking a bath LOL)!

Therapist Aid Worksheet Collections

A web database of mental health worksheets for parents and therapists alike to use with kids:

Worksheets for Children

Worksheets for Adolescents

Worksheets for Parents of younger children

Worksheets for Parents of adolescents

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