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Welcome to the Maternal and Perinatal Mental Health Homepage. At MSB we know that pregnancy, parenthood, and big life changes can be hard on your mental health. That’s why we created this hub, so women and families can learn about, demystify, and cope with Perinatal Mental Health conditions.

Here you can find helpful resources curated specifically for Perinatal Mental Health. You also get access to inspiring true stories of folks who have been through and overcome Perinatal Mental Health Conditions.

Please enjoy and let us know what you learned by dropping us a line at!

Maternal and Perinatal Mental Health Resources

Inspiring Quotes to get you Through Perinatal Mental Health Challenges

Sometimes all we need to hear is a kind word and a different perspective. Let these quotes inspire and encourage your natural resilience as a mother. You got this, Mama!

Self Care for Busy Moms and Parents

The Ultimate Self Care Package

Created by a busy mom for busy moms: The Ultimate Self Care Package is a collection of attainable self care ideas for those who may be low on energy or time.

How to Deal With a Low Day

As a mom who may have a mental health condition, you’re going to have low days. Learn to deal with them in this great article!

Personal Care and Mental Health – How to Make it Easier

Personal care tends to be the first thing out the window when dealing with mental health issues and motherhood. But it doesn’t have to! Learn some easy self care techniques in this article!

Mental Health for Moms Series

Four detailed mental health guides made specifically with Mamas in Mind!

Raise your hand if you are FED UP with the unrealistic expectations that seem to come along with motherhood?

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Resources From Around The Web:

Mama Shark Blog – Great Blog taking the Mental Load out of Motherhood!! – A list of 10 important things moms can do for their mental health

WIC Works Resource Center – Federal resource hub for mother’s mental and physical health

Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Child and Maternal Health Education Program Homepage – Resources and education on pre and postpartum depression and anxiety for the entire family

You Are Not Alone Mama! Inspiring Stories of Strength

Get inspired by stories from moms and family members who have overcome a Perinatal Mental Health Condition.

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