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OCD isn’t just about being clean – it can be an absolutely ex-haus-ting and life changing condition. Below are Soul Balm Approved Links to help you understand the scope of the disorder and what to do about it!


  1. Crash Course Psychology #29 – I have always loved Crash Course videos and Hank does a great job as always breaking down what OCD actually entails and why we shouldn’t joke about it casually.
  2. International OCD Foundation – The very best website to educate yourself about the disorder, find help, and get involved.
  3. #RealOCD Video Gallery – Real people tell their stories about what it’s like to live (and even live well) with OCD.


  1. Rogers Behavioral Health – the nation’s leading OCD clinic specializing in Exposure Response Prevention therapy. Provides scholarships and financial aid for Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization treatment.
  2. Exposure Response Prevention Therapy – Ali Greymond, our Queen, describes how ERP can lead to recovery from OCD (yes, you can recover!).
  3. Guided Meditation/Hypnosis for OCD and Intrusive Thoughts – My favorite silky voiced Aussie, Michael Sealey, walks you through a calming visualization to help deal with overthinking. It’s hokey as hell but I absolutely love it – it really works 🙂
  4. Take the OCD Challenge – Don’t have insurance? Not ready to step fully into treatment? Try this guided (And free!) 7 day OCD tracking challenge to understand your triggers and rituals. It’s a great start.

Community Support

  1. DBSA – The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance has meetings nationwide. Despite what it’s name suggest, the group accepts anyone and everyone who is struggling. Check to see where meetings are held in your city. I personally love this group and highly recommend it.
  2. Peace of Mind Online GOAL Group – A free guided group, open to those who are battling OCD every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Get peer support, work on ERP techniques, and learn more about OCD. All you need is an internet connection!
  3. Color the World Lipsticks – Yes. I’m telling you to shop, it’s behavioral activation! Part of the proceeds from this lipstick (called Empowered) go to the Anxiety and Depression Association for America to fund research and awareness on OCD, PTSD, anxiety and mood disorders. Plus it’s super cute, cruelty free and promotes awareness.

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