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Affirmations and Positivity

Affirmations may seem a little woo-woo to some, but there’s actually a lot of science behind how repeating these simple phrases can change the wiring in our brains to make us more positive. This makes them an ideal self care tool when things get tough.

Below is a curated selection of MSB’s favorite affirmation and positivity card decks and books. And if you’re still curious, scroll on to find out more about the magic of the Lamare Affirmation Cards and how this small company is becoming a BIG name in the positivity game!

Highlight: Lamare Affirmation Decks – Beautiful, Peaceful, Positive

6 Ways to Use Affirmation Cards & Make Them Work Magic Into your Life β€”  LAMARE
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Lamare is a company that makes magic! Oh and products too, but mostly magic!! Watch as their beautiful affirmation card decks transform your life πŸ˜€ That’s right, each card is carefully made and magically infused with a positive intention to help you reach your spiritual goals.

Now there are a lot of affirmation card sets out there but Lamare is my favorite. And not just because the cards are so darn pretty! It’s because they back up each card set with education on how to weave the positive intentions into your life. Making these decks truly valuable to anyone seeking peace and positivity.

Check out their card decks here on Amazon (this is my personal favorite deck – the Affirmation Meditation Card Set). And visit their blog for great info on HOW to use your new affirmations to create more magic in your life <3

Align: Budget Envelopes - thelamare
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Oh and Lamare doesn’t just make affirmation card sets. They create all kinds of planners, organizational tools, and stationery that promotes personal growth. My favorite product are these SUPER cute Budget Envelopes that help you keep your cash in ultimate style! Check out Lamare’s shop for more amazing items!

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