BIPOC Mental Health Homepage: Resources and Education

BIPOC Mental Health Homepage: Resources and Education

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Welcome to MSB’s homepage for BIPOC Mental Health. Here you can find education, resources, and profiles of organizations working to end racial disparity in the mental health field.

Black Voices of Mental Health

Meet Ianne Fields Steward, Imade Borah and Yolo Akili. They are just a few of the amazing young advocates changing the face of Black Mental Health. Discover their work here.

Black Voices of Mental Health: Profiles

Profiles of Black Mental Health Advocates and Black Led Organizations working to remove systemic racism from the Mental Health Field.

Racial Disparity and Mental Health: Education for Allies

The American Psychiatric field was created during slavery, leaving long lasting problems that still affect Black patients today. Learn more by clicking through.

BIPOC Mental Health Resource Hub

A Directory connecting people of color to culturally relevant Mental Health Resources.

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