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Welcome to My Soul Balm Blog – where we curate mental health and wellness advice that’s actually makes sense for those who are mentally ill.

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What we believe:

At MSB we believe:

So we create and curate content that reflects those beliefs. Our advice is relatable, easy to action, and tailored for those who routinely struggle with symptoms of mental illness.

At MSB, we’re not big fans of hustle culture. We’re not going to tell you to just go do yoga (though we are big fans of yoga). And we’re definitely not going to disregard the fact that mental illness makes “normal” things 10X harder than they should be.

What we do is accept the limitations our mental illness put on us at any given moment. And we give advice accordingly.

What MSB has to offer:

Featured Short Take: What Is Mental Health Parity and Why Should You Care?

In honor of National Suicide Awareness month we’re talking all about Suicide Prevention. Supporting your loved ones is a great thing to do this month (and beyond) but did you know that one of the biggest ways we can prevent suicide is by making necessary changes to the healthcare system?

Yep that’s right, we can prevent suicide by investing in Mental Health Parity Reform so that all people can get access to the mental healthcare they need! Check out the short-take below and find out more about this topic and much more on our Racial and Social Justice Center!

A Wellness Revolution: Our Why

“After a severe burnout, I started to look for wellness content that affirmed my unique experiences as a mental health patient. Turns out, there wasn’t a lot. So I decided to make my own Soul Balm and share it with others.”

-Maria M. Black, Author and Advocate

We’re so passionate about making Mental Health and Wellness content more relatable because we’ve been there.

You see, for most of my life, I’ve struggled with Anxiety, OCD, Depression and PTSD. I often looked to wellness content to help soothe my pain.

But a lot of that content ended up being more harmful than helpful. In my darkest times, I subscribed to Hustle Culture to get me through. It worked for a little while, but in the end I found myself completely burned out.

After my burnout I started to look for wellness content online that considered my experiences as a mental health patient.

Turns out, there wasn’t a lot.

So I decided to make my own Soul Balm and share it with others. My hope is that you’ll join our Wellness Revolution by making steady, sustainable, and hopeful changes based on our content.

Much love,

Maria Morran Black

***Disclaimer**** – I am not a doctor. I am a layman and do not claim to treat any medical or mental illness. I am simply providing information to help people navigate their illness. Any and all material listed on this site are source and will be linked to their original content creators.

If you are experiencing a medical or mental health crises, please call 911 or your local 211 immediately to receive help.

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