Family Relationship Module

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Nothing has a greater affect on our mental health than our family relationship.

How so? Well, your family is your very first relational model. This means they teach you how to interact with the outside world. Therefore, family dynamics have the power to shape your behavior, whether you know it or not, for the rest of your life.

So it’s very important to foster good relationships with your family. However, coming from a tough family situation, I’m well aware that’s easier said than done!!

But it can be done! And it starts here in our Family Relationship Module. Here you can find tools that bolster your interfamily communication. You’ll also find a variety of relationship building tool kits, educational videos, and web resources to help your family thrive!

Check it out!!

Family Relationship Module

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Family Relationship Rehab Toolset

Experiencing a damaging communication breakdown in the family? The Relationship Rehab Toolset can help. Each module in the RR Toolset has practical, easy to follow steps to restore family connection and communication.

Relationship Rehab Part 1 – Starting the Conversation

Relationship Rehab Part 3 -Rebuild The Connection

Relationship Rehab Part 2 – Fighting Fair

Relationship Rehab Part 4 – Maintaining Your Partnership

Resources From Around The Web

Words By Black Butterfly – Personal Blog on Teen Health and Parenting

Capsule – Soft Skills for Relationships Short Course (Highly Recommended for parents and kids)

Cohen Veteran’s Network – Nationwide Family Mental Healthcare for Veterans and Military Families

SAMHSA BRSS TACS Program Landing Page – Programming and resources for family mental health

NAMI Family Members and Caregivers Hub – Landing page with tons of resources for families supporting a loved one through mental health issues

Tools for Surviving a Toxic Family Relationship

Surviving a toxic situation when escape isn’t an option
Inspiring quotes to keep you motivated and empowered through the darkest times
Tools for avoiding a potentially toxic relationship before it even begins!
Learn how to maintain a safe space, even in the midst of family chaos

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