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Welcome to MSB’s Mental Health Bullet Journal and Printable Collection. Here we create some of the most amazing printables and BuJo layouts on the web.

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What Makes These Mental Health Bullet Journal Layouts and Printables Different?

These layouts work on the principal of SMART goals. They help you develop specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely planning ideas for your mental health bullet journal.

What I mean is, we don’t just give you affirmations here – we give you affirmations that encourage you to make a plan to ensure they come true.

We create relevant layouts that keep up with the seasons, current events and big life changes. And we make sure each mental health bullet journal printable and template are created with YOU in mind.

Plus – they’re SUPER darn cute <3

So, what are you waiting for – give em a try!

This month we’ve been talking all about Shame Spirals and Neurodivergent Meltdowns in Adults (peep the complete guide on that subject here). Shame plays a HUGE part in taking you from a logical adult all the way back to a very unhappy toddler in milliseconds, especially if you have ADHD and/or struggle with emotional regulation.

One really good way to short circuit this Shame Spiral during a meltdown is to interrupt the negative thoughts with powerful positive ones. This is a DBT concept called the “Positive Self Talk” skill. That’s what this set of cards is all about : using powerful language and images to disrupt the downward spiral and keep meltdowns from being too emotionally damaging.

Pro tip: these cards work really well with our “Coping Cards” which help you remember the physical actions to take when you’re in a mental health crisis. Find those here!

You can get your free copy of the cards here:

You can also get a more Sensory Friendly version of the cards here:

Morning and Evening Self Care Checklists *Editable*

Self care is a priority for those of us with Mental Health issues. The problem is, those same mental health issues often keep us from doing the necessary steps of self care!

What’s a person to do? Well, we’ve created a few handy checklists to help you out. These lists are fully editable (click here to adjust the templates to your needs) and super helpful.

Coping Cards! (Download)

Inspired by this great video on Coping Cards from YouTuber, Artfully Mindfully. Here’s my take on this awesome coping tool <3

Get your download here:

Okay so we know from our latest Executive Function article, that Neurodivergent Folx may struggle with memory issues.

Not only are these memory issues annoying, they have potential to be dangerous. How so? Well in my experience with ADHD, I have a hard time realizing when I’m taking on too much stress.

All of a sudden, I’ll be totally overwhelmed and burned out- confused as to how I got there. In my head I’m thinking, “wth, I’m not even doing anything stressful.” When in reality I have a boatload of stressful things happening. I just don’t remember them until they are right in front of my face.

That’s why I found it helpful to make a Stress List, to get those stressful things in front of my mind. With all of my stresses in one place, I can see just how much self care I need to do (and what kind). It’s a really helpful tool that I’m sharing with you today!

Hope it helps!

Mindfulness Circuit Planner

Mindfulness can be a great tool for mental wellness. However, it’s often inaccessible to mentally ill members of the neurodivergent and disabled communities. (Find out more about this issue in our latest article)

That’s why we’ve created some tools and strategies specifically for ND folx who are looking to engage in wellness. Starting with “My Mindfulness Planner”, a planner that helps those struggling with focus and consistency to create a loose rotating schedule of mindfulness activities!

This helps your brain from becoming bored with any one activity while at the same time moving you along in your mindfulness practice. Win win I’d say!

Behavioral Activation Tracker

Did you know fun has a huge role in recovering from a mental illness? Seriously, it’s true!! You can find out all about the DBT concept of Behavioral Activation in this post.

Practice the concept yourself with MSB’s Behavioral Activation Tracker which you can download here!

Anti-Anxiety Morning Routine Checklist

Did you know anxiety affects way more than just your mind? It can also be a huge physical strain on your body because your nervous system is constantly activated. That can produce painful symptoms like teeth grinding, tense muscles, headaches, insomnia, neck pain and so much more.

That’s why we’ve made these handy anxiety self care checklists – to help you set up a morning routine that soothes your nervous system and helps you tackle the day. Get your download here:

AND if you love this idea and want to add our evening routine as well as an emergency checklist you can get the whole helpful set on our Etsy (My Soul Stuff) for just $3. That’s seven pages of life changing, anxiety relieving tools for less than a cost of a Big Mac Meal ($5.99)!! Check it out <3

Planners and Guides To Keep Your Resolutions On Track!

Hi! And Happy New Year to you! 2021 is shaping up to be as challenging (if not more) than 2020 😛 But that’s okay because YOU have the tools to handle anything that comes your way (check out our self care guides and tools here)

If you’re working on keeping resolutions or just trying to gradually implement change in your life, we’ve got a few more tools to help you through! This month we’ve got a Rest Planner (for Workaholics like ME!), a Top 3 Weekly Goals Planner, and a wonderful Skincare Routine Planner.

Get your free downloads below!

P.S. if you like these worksheets and want an expanded version of them – you can now get them on our Etsy Shop!

New Years Goals Series

Look, I know we’re all shy about making goals and plans for 2021 because of the sh*tshow 2020 turned out to be. BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to a healthy, prosperous new year where you’ve achieved some personal goals.

That’s why for the last two weeks of December 2020 we’ll be running a series that walks you through the goal making process. Our hope is these worksheets and activities will help you build goals that are flexible enough to handle anything 2021 can throw at you yet structured enough to guide your personal growth in the next 12 months.

Part Two: What Worked for YOU in 2020

This is it – the very last week of 2020! THANK GOODNESS. This year was rough, really rough, I know but I think we all learned A LOT about ourselves and others. More so than in other years. So my question for this exercise is What’s Worked For You in 2020 and What Hasn’t?

Looking back, I realize that this year was huge for me in this regard. I finally affirmed myself as a Neurodivergent creative, built two businesses, and reassessed what fitness means for me. My husband and I made a ton of strides in our relationship, our finances, and have started down a path that will create a future that satisfies both of us (eco friendly homesteading). Whew!

And there’s so much more that I’d love to carry into 2021. Before I do that though, I have to look back and see what worked so well to bring about these shifts and what did I get rid of?

Want to do this yourself? Get your bujo layout below!

Part One: Guiding Goals

To start us off, we need to think of the three Guiding Goals you’d like to achieve in 2021! These should be 3 broad goals that will serve as a guide for your thoughts, actions, and decisions next year. These goals should be BIG enough to push you, DESCRIPTIVE enough to structure you, and MINDFUL enough to allow them to work for you as an individual.

Get a copy of your goals worksheet at this download link and let us know how it goes in the comments or by tagging us on Facebook @mysoulbalmblog!

Magical Affirmations For The Kid in You!

Sometimes our inner child needs a little extra love and encouragement! That’s why we’ve created this little series: to remind YOU how magical, powerful, and important you really are. We know it’s easy to forget, so cut these out and place them anywhere you need encouragement!!

Fall 2020 Mental Health Bullet Journal Layouts and Printables

“Affirmations For Change” Printable Inserts

Fall is always a time of change and preparation for renewal. But this year, the unprecedented change has been incredibly difficult to handle. That’s why we’ve created the “Affirmations for Change” Printable Inserts for your bullet journal (or any journal)

Using the idea of Effective Affirmation, these sheets not only assure you that you CAN handle change – they also ask you to remember WHY and HOW you’re going to face it and embrace it.

These sheets are a great addition to your Fall and Holiday planning pages to help you deal with the big changes ahead. *Download the bundle at the file link below*

Post – Election Plan Printable Inserts

Whichever way it goes and however you lean – the election has been difficult on us all. And it’s only going to get worse AFTER the election. So it’s important to have a self care plan for yourself, your family, and your loved ones already laid out in your Bullet Journal.

Download the full bundle at the link below:

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