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Self Care Center

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Self Care That Fits YOU

At MSB we know that self care isn’t one size fits all. As individuals we all have different needs and specialized ways to recharge our batteries. That’s why we created this page, to bring you the biggest variety of relaxation techniques on the web. From educational to inspirational content and beyond, we’ve got your self care needs covered!

MSB’s Fall and Holiday Survival Kit:

Fall is all about change, and this Fall in particular has A LOT of big changes happening! Here’s your kit to self caring through all the ups and downs as 2020 comes to a close (thank goodness)!

Get Advice From These Amazing Holiday Survival Resources:

  1. 7 Tips To Help You Stay Stable During the Holidays by My Big Fat Bipolar Life
  2. 4 Tips To Manage Holiday Binge Eating by Serene Life Consulting
  3. Coping with Holiday Anxiety: Where Are You Christmas, 20-Something Edition by Healing Unscripted
  4. How 6 Days of Planning Can Help Reduce Your Holiday Anxiety (eCourse) by Healing Unscripted

Learn From Our Amazing Guides:

MSB and our collaborators have put together some pretty amazing guides to help you get the best self care EVER. What are you waiting for, check em out ;D

Explore the Mental Floss Series (Self Care Advice For Those Struggling With Their Mental Health)

When it comes to chronic illness, good coping skills can become a HUGE chore. That’s why we’ve created the Mental Floss Seriespractical self care advice that honors the experience of those struggling with chronic mental health issues.

In this series we walk you through the core concepts of mental, physical and emotional self care, breaking it down into simple, easy to action steps.

Click through the picture below to get to the Mental Floss Homepage!

Take a Load Off By Enjoying Our Short-Takes

Short-takes are fun yet informational graphics series designed for visual learners. Each short-take gives you the chance to learn about a new topic without requiring a long read.

If you feel like learning more – there are full blog posts attached to each short-take but hey, no pressure 😛

10 Ways To Balance Your Finances During a Mental Health Crisis

The Four Dimensions of Self Care

5 Affirmations for Imperfection

Easy Yoga For Crappy Mental Health Days

The 3 Mystical Secrets of Highly Productive People

Panic Attack Facts

Get Inspiration With MSB’s Endless Quote Slideshow <3

There’s nothing more we love here at MSB than a really juicy inspirational quote. That’s because quotes and affirmations have the power to change lives! That’s why we’re sharing our endless carousel of inspiration where you can always go if you need a quick pick me up!

November Top 5: Featured Resources From Around The Web

  1. Take on Election Stress with this list of 9 Election Mental Health Resources for
  2. Read this important take on what it’s like to Bullet Journal when you have ADHD
  3. Tackle holiday stress with Healing Unscripted’s new E-course on how to mindfully enjoy your holiday (only $12 for a ton of self care resources!!)
  4. Prioritize the “me” in merry with Harvard Med School’s advice on self care through the next two months
  5. Get back into routine with MSB’s editable Self Care Checklists and read our latest article on why self help tools don’t work (and what YOU can do about it)

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