Mental Health Support Groups List

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Get connected to affirming online mental health support groups that understand your specific mental health challenges!

Mental health support groups are powerful healing tools! Find the right group for you using our ever growing list of online groups and communities!

Have a group you’d like to suggest? Please email us at or visit our About page for contact details

Neurodivergent Friendly Groups

Neurodivergent spaces offering affirming support. For more about Neurodivergent Mental Health please visit our Neurodivergent Mental Health Center.

Highly Sensitive Refuge (Support Group for HSP/Empaths)- Neurodivergent

Queer/Neurodivergent Bullet Journaling – Neurodivergent/LGBTQ+

Anything But Typical – A Neurodivergent Space – Neurodivergent

Neurodivergent Witches – Neurodivergent/Spiritual Based

Neurodivergent Learning and Life Skills Group –Neurodivergent

General Mental Health Support Groups

A Safe Place Inside Your Head

OCD, Depression, and Mental Health Support

Positively Present

Depression and Bipolar Support of the Suncoast

OCD Support Groups

OCD, Depression and Mental Health Support!

OCD Meme Support Group with Nice Folks

OCD and Me – A Recovery Support Group (by MSB)

International OCD Foundation Support Group Finder

BIPOC and Minority Friendly Groups

For more BIPOC Mental Health Resources please visit our BIPOC Mental Health Resource Hub

IbeDamned – Vibe Tribe BIPOC/Women

Minority Women Boss Minds (Business Support Group) Women/BIPOC/ Minority Friendly Space

Religious Based Groups

The Light Brigade – Religious Based

Love Who You Are – A Depression Support Group – Religious Based

Social Justice Education Spaces

For more information on Social Justice and its effect on Mental Health please visit our Racial and Social Justice Center

World We Need to Talk – Social Justice, BIPOC Friendly

Virginia Methodists for a New Thing (Voice) – Religious Based , LGBTQ+, BIPOC, Social Justice

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