10 Fun Websites To Make You Smile

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What fun websites do you turn to when you’re feeling down?

If we know anything about 2020, it’s that it really is just not funny. That’s right, there’s not much mirth to go around these days. BUT that doesn’t stop the creators of these 10 fun websites from trying to make us smile.

Let’s have a laugh and check them out!

Strange Planet Instagram by Nathan Pyle

Nathan Pyle's Strange Planet holds up a mirror to weird human ...

It was so hard to pick just one of these panels to show you, they’re all so adorably good UwU. Check out Nathan’s other comics at https://www.nathanwpyle.art/ and for heaven’s sakes buy the man’s book!

The Fitness Marshall YouTube Channel

There’s so much to love about this channel. Not only do Caleb, Hayley and the gang keep you moving to the best bops – they do it in a fun AND inclusive way. 100% guaranteed to make you smile 🙂

We Watch Women’s Wrestling INstagram and YouTube Channel

Bright colors, spandex, neon, women being badasses? What could be better – uh well the amazing commentary by host Damian Blewitt and guests, duh!

This page always puts me in a good mood because of their positive attitude and their love of all things Women’s Wrestling <3 Youtube Link here: youtu.be/wHiTOQOWvgk.

The Kitten Lady

Kitten Lady: the Cat Lady of Today

Each time Kitten Lady (Hannah Shaw) gets a new batch of foster babies I can’t help but go “awwwwww” and proceed to follow their stories for weeks.

I’m always rooting for the “Tiny but Mighty” neonatal kittens she lovingly cares for and nothing makes my day more than seeing one succeed!

The Latest Kate Tumblr

You may be apart from the people you care about, but you’re not facing any of this alone. And with time, we will find a new normal together.
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Grounded, inspiring quotes meld with fantastical renditions of animals (some real, some imagined) on Kate’s massively successful Tumblr page.

Her encouraging cartoon foxes, bees, and unicorns never fail to turn a bad day around.

I can’t tell you how much I love Kate’s unique mix of whimsy and inspiration, you’ll just have to check it out yourself 😉

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden YouTube

I think we might all know this one because of Fiona, the tiny hippo with a a big attitude. But this April Fool’s Day there’s so much more to watch on CZBG’s YouTube Channel.

If the intersection of fun and education is what makes you happy – this is the place for you. You can even take a “home safari” now to meet the animals up close and personal without leaving your couch. So cool!

The Cryptid Keeper Podcast and Fandom

The Cryptid Keeper (@CryptKeepPod) | Twitter

Do you have an affinity for the spooky and supernatural but also love to “laugh in the face of darkness?” Then the Cryptid Keeper is for you!

No matter how scary the monster of the day is, podcast hosts Alex and Addison never fail to make me burst out laughing. Seriously, this podcast and the community built up around it is amazing fun that I couldn’t recommend more <3

Check out their totally-normal-not-spooky-at-all April Fool’s Podcast here: https://podbay.fm/podcast/1210508270/e/1554120000

We Rate Dogs

I would be a fool not to include We Rate Dogs on this list. This Facebook account 100% only rates cute pictures of of cute dogs doing cute things. If that doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will.

1100/10 would recommend.

Studio DIY

About Image

If this site were any cuter, it’d probably make your computer burst into multi-colored glitter confetti (which might not be a bad thing idk). Studio DIY is always one of my fave because of the creator’s enthusiasm for crafts, color and most importantly – candy!

You can learn lots about DIY on this site or just browse the happy content for hours, either way you’ll have tons of fun!

Juniper Fox: The Happiest Fox

Juniper's Personality

And last but certainly not least, the happiest little blep that ever blepped: Juniper Fox is here to take all your cares away. Juni, her sweet brother Fig (a fox saved from the fur trade), and Moose the dog bring so much joy, light, and educational content into my life and I hope the do the same for you <3

Wrap Up

And there you have it folks, my favorite things on the internet to make you smile. Even on the Darkest Days.

Much Love,


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