The MSB Legal Tool-kit

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For those who have been or will be hospitalized for mental health related illness.

What it is:

This tool-kit includes everything you’d need for an inpatient mental health stay including power of attorney forms, recovery plan forms, and advice on which laws and federal programs give you the most protection.

Why it’s important:

I know my first inpatient stay was really pretty scary. If I’d known even a little bit of the information in the tool-kit it would have been vastly less traumatic for me.

My hope is that this guide will help navigate you through the hardest parts of hospitalization so you can use your stay to actually start healing.

How to use it:

Just download the PDF and print out the forms! I’ve gathered the best of the best resources for you, including a complete power of attorney and medical directive to help communicate more effectively with doctors and staff.

Use it wisely – remember: knowledge is power. Equipping yourself with the tools in this kit can help you feel empowered in a position meant to make you feel powerless.

Above all, remember – you’re not alone. You have a voice. You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

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