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Relationships are hard – they only get tougher when mental illness is thrown into the mix and can make some view intimacy as a lost cause.

But did you know having an supportive intimate relationship can drastically improve the life of someone battling MI?

That’s right! Love is key to a healthy life, especially for those struggling with their mental health. That’s why MSB has created a handy guide for supporters, more specifically lovers, of those who have mental illness.

Check it out below!


  1. Romantic Relationships Article by NAMI (Short Read) : This fabulously informative article by the National Alliance on Mental Health says, “It’s important to know that many people with serious mental illnesses have strong, supportive, long-term relationships.” It breaks through the stigma that people with bi-polar, OCD, Depression and Schizophrenia can’t have functional relationships and gives background on why intimacy is key to recovery for so many people.
  2. When to Disclose your Mental Illness to Someone You’re Dating. Article by Bustle (Medium Read): This guide spills the beans about when to tell someone about your ongoing battle with mental illness. It can be really hard to “come out” to someone about your struggles, especially a potential love interest. What if they see you differently? The only way to find out is to tell them in a way that feels safe and comfortable for you.
  3. 5 Not so Scary Truths about about Loving Someone with Mental Illness. Article by Karla Stephens Tolstoy (Short Read):When the author of this article states “It’s not bad, it’s just different” they couldn’t be more right. All relationships, even ones where MI exists, have the potential to thrive if cared for appropriately. This article contains some practical rules to help your unique love bloom!


  1. Maintaining Healthy Relationships from Heads Up Guys(Short Read): Maintaining healthy relationships is hard enough, but even harder when you’re low on energy, irritable, and depressed. This page has some sage advice for keeping partnerships strong in tough times.
  2. How to Enjoy Intimacy with Depression or Anxiety by Youtubers Sebastian and Millicent (Video) – Depression and anxiety (and the meds to combat them) can really affect the intimacy you share with your partner. This video does a great job explaining how you can still enjoy a healthy connection despite all of that.
  3. Integrated Behavioral Couples Counseling Article from Psych Central (Short Read): Oftentimes when a partner is struggling their behavior can be odd or even hurtful. It can be helpful for a couple to visit a counselor, especially one trained in Integrated Behavioral Couples Counseling. ICBT helps you better understand what your partner is going through mentally and can help your partner develop skills to communicate what they need.
  4. Behavioral Activation with your Partner Listicle from The Mighty (Medium Read): Couples activities may seem out of reach when one or both of you is struggling. With a little adjustment in expectations, you can enjoy quality time with your partner. This list provides a variety of excellent low pressure activities that take the burden of “romanticism” off both partners.

Community Care

  1. NAMI Family Support Groups (Video and Short Read) – The best way to keep your relationship healthy is to keep yourself in good mental shape. The National Alliance on Mental Illness has support groups everywhere that can provide a social outlet and fantastic peer advice.

Wrap Up:

So there you go, a variety of ways to show love really does conquer all!

We hope you and yours benefit from these resources and continue to care for one another in this crazy world <3

Much Love,


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