Relationship Tech: Ten Apps Giving Our Marriage New life in 2020

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Love in the 21st century is a tricky thing – we’ve got so much out there to disconnect us from the ones we love, especially those little handheld distraction machines we know as smart phones.

But what if those same devices can also bring you together? In our relationship, my husband and I have found connection in a variety of apps.

And so can you! Check out this list of technology to refresh your relationship!

Love Nudge App

Love Nudge - Apps on Google Play

You’ve heard of the 5 Love Languages, right? (If you haven’t check them out here). This simple app from the creator of 5LL allows you to share how full (or empty) each other’s love tanks are and gives practical suggestions on how to speak you lover’s unique language.

Bruce and I started using this app in a time where both of our love tanks fluctuated wildly. It really put things into perspective for me to see how affected he was by certain things and helped us stabilize our love levels.

The app also keeps us connected in a handy, low pressure way by sending daily “Love Nudges” – sweet reminders to check in and express love to each other.

Check out the app below!

Gottman Card Decks App

Gottman Card Decks - Apps on Google Play

This has got to be one of my favorites on the list!

Gottman Card Decks is about as simple as it gets: 14 decks of cards with questions on them to ask your spouse/partner. Be warned, though, once you start with this app it’s likely you won’t be able to put it down for hours.

Some of the questions are easy and fun like the “Love Maps” or “Rituals of Connection” decks which help you develop trust and build relationship routines.

Some are more erotic like the “Salsa” decks (which come in mild, medium, and hot of course!)

And still others dive deeper like the “Expressing Needs” Deck where you can find the words to finally tell your spouse exactly what you need from them.

The app is great because of how easy it makes the conversation flow. Hubby and I like to think we’re pretty in touch but let me tell you – within the first ten minutes of using the app we discovered several new things about on another. It really was like meeting for the first time all over again which felt a-mazing!

Check it out below and happy connecting!

Pokemon Go

There's More to Love in Pokémon GO This Valentine's Day |

Okay, this isn’t specifically a relationship app but it serves as one for us.

How? Well, Pokemon Go is fun, bright, easy to use and engaging – all the things that can really help when you’re depressed or cranky with each other. Plus it gets us to move around, explore new places, and connect on a fun new level.

We regularly take Pokewalks and Pokedates, oftentimes ending up in a part of town we didn’t know about. After we’re done we’ll go get dinner at a new place and discuss our travels. A perfect set up for connection and quality time.

I can say I really love this app for all it’s done in our relationship – and I’m far from the only one: check out this article from where the author credits Pokemon Go for vastly improving their relationship

Facebook Messenger

Love Messenger - Home | Facebook

Again, not exactly a relationship app but FB messenger has always been there for us as a couple.

From the time we were long distance (like in separate countries) to even now when we live together, Messenger has been a godsend for our relationship.

Communication is key in any marriage and ours is no different. Messenger keeps us connected in a fun, easy way throughout the day in a way regular texts and calls can’t.

Nebula Astrology App

Nebula for Android - APK Download

Nebula may be a fluff astrology app but it’s on this list because of its well developed relationship features.

Without much fuss, I was able to do a complete compatibility assessment for my husband and I (I’m a Cancer, he’s a Leo) which, believe it or not, shed a lot of great insight into why we clash sometimes. That’s pretty cool in my opinion.

The app also features daily relationship horoscopes based on your partner’s sign and gives cute practical suggestions on how to be closer with your beloved every day.

Check it out here:


Dipsea | Short and Sexy Audio Stories

So, not to brag but our sexy times are about 100X better with apps like Dipsea in the mix. This particular app doesn’t just provide erotic stories played right into your ear but can help spice up your love life by deeply connecting with your partner on the soul level.

We’ve learned a lot from this app and similar ASMR/Erotic storytelling services and I highly recommend exploring those options for a happy, satisfying bedroom life.

Check it out here 🙂


Explainer: What is Kik? -

Okay, so we all know, Kik, the popular chat platfrom, is pretty notorious for being a “cheating app.”

But Kik for us has been a game changer (in a good way). While we aren’t a polyamorous couple, we do practice some ethical non-monogamy chatting on Kik with other people who also believe the same thing.

Having the choice to be a sexually empowered individual within a relationship has been really fulfilling, though it’s not without it’s ups, downs, and hurt feelings.

The cool thing is though the natural challenges presented by Kik lead us to communicate better, bringing us together instead of pulling us apart.

Geocaching App

Usage Guidelines

Similar to Pokemon Go, the Geocaching app leads to some spectacular adventures and dates. For those who don’t know, Geocaching is an activity where a “cache” is hidden somewhere on earth and geotagged. People then have the opportunity to use GPS on their phones to find the caches.

The first time using the app we ended up at the beach, immersed into learning about wildlife and eventually ended up downtown having a nice late lunch date after walking all day. Not too bad, eh?

Geocaching is great for people looking to find more adventure in their relationships as well as couples who are excited about health and fitness.

There are several apps out there but the best is this one:


CHALLENGE 2. Sanvello & The Power of Wireframing - Geraldine ...

And last but certainly not least is Sanvello (formerly Pacifica). This is the app that hands down saved our marriage. I have OCD pretty badly and with that comes a TON of intrusive and harmful thoughts which affected our marriage really negatively in the beginning.

Sanvello is a self CBT app that walks you carefully through how challenge negative or unrealistic thoughts and slowly begin to change them. For me, the most helpful functions were the daily mood log and Sanvello’s variety of guided CBT activities.

I can’t say how much better this made our relationship now that I can better handle the distressing thoughts in my head.

Check them out at

Wrap Up

And there you have it, folks, 10 ways technology can breathe new life into your relationship. Hopefully some, if not all of these, can help you strengthen your bonds in 2020 and beyond!

Much Love,


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