Look On The Bright Side of Life: Happy March 32nd

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As the song goes in Life of Brian “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”

You know, this one:

April Fool’s is Cancelled

So it’s supposed to be April Fool’s Day, usually a day for merriment, shenanigans and pranks galore. However, this year is a little different. This year we’re just celebrating April 1st and hoping this month will finally be the one to turn it all around.

Yes. This year sucks. No doubt about it. 0/10 wouldn’t recommend. But that’s what got me thinking about Life of Brian and how silliness can get you looking on the bright side of life.

This movie, like all Monty Python movies, is pure unadulterated silliness. By acting like total fools, Eric Idle and his gang are still making us laugh 40 years after the movie came out.

That’s pretty powerful stuff if you think about it.

So how can we apply that to our predicament this April 1st?

Make Today Full of Joy And Laughter

Well, if there’s anything we’ve learned from living with chronic mental health issues: if we don’t laugh, we cry. And I think if there’s something we could all use right now it’s a good chuckle.

So we’re doing something different this April 1st (or March 32nd depending on how you want to look at it) Just like the Monty Python crew, we’ve decided to dedicate the day to putting a little extra joy into the world.

Just for one day, we’re taking a soul vacation from the serious content and looking at the brighter side of things.

Be on the lookout all day for F-U-N content, memes, jokes and videos to brighten up your life <3

What Can You Do?

We encourage you to have a little extra fun today. If you needed permission – there it is ^^^^

Try something “silly” you’ve been wanting to do.

Make funny faces with your family and post them online.

Dance poorly with 100% intensity to make someone laugh (100% guaranteed at least get a chuckle).

Learn a new joke.

Discover a funny new podcast.

Watch a Monty Python movie…or seven

Basically, go out of your way to put some extra joy in the world. Seriously, we could all use that this April Fool’s.

So get out there (metaphorically of course), be safe, have fun, and always look on the bright side of life.

De-do de-do de-do-de-de-de-doop

Much Love,


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