Wisdom of Wise Turtle: Work Life Balance

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Oh hello, it is I – the Wise Turtle. I see you have come to me seeking advice.

Today I’m off the log doing turtelly things that only a wise turtle can do. I’m sorry to have missed you but you know, this is a good lesson: wisdom rarely comes when you ask for it, only when you truly need it!

If you’re in a pinch I’ve left my apprentice, Jimmy, in charge of the sunning log in my absence. He’s a good boy but take his advice with a grain of turtle salt (he’s a little rough around the edges still!)

Have a wonderful and wise day,

Wise Turtle

***The characters of Wise Turtle were created by my husband, Bruce. At first it was just to make me laugh as we walked by the same turtle everyday on our walks. We soon realized, though, Wise Turtle was “helping” us through some really tough times by dispensing off color but meaningful advice.

That’s why we wanted to share Wise Turtle with you. We thought it would be a fun way to talk about some difficult mental health concepts and get a few laughs in along the way. We hope you enjoy the adventures of Wise Turtle and Jimmy***

Much Love,


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14 thoughts on “Wisdom of Wise Turtle: Work Life Balance”

  1. Hi it’s Brenda from RubyHemMinistries.com I love the idea behind your blog. I also love seeing that you’re also using Patreon. I need to utilize mine more. I’ll be sending you a story soon. Keep in touch, especially since our blogs are in the same niche 😉

    1. Wonderful will do! Thanks for reaching out Brenda 😄 I’ll be starting a Mental Health Blog Engagement group soon so watch out for that!

      Good luck with everything, I also enjoyed reading your blog! Good stuff!

  2. Such a creative idea to get thinking about some important topics. Isn’t it funny how connected we have become with the wild animals in our neighborhoods these days? 😂

    1. Lol thank you for watching! It’s true we’ve named all the ducks and squirrels in the neighborhood during the boredom of quarantine lol 😂

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