Infographic: How To Deal With An Overwhelming Task

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Have you ever had to deal with an overwhelming task?

If you’re anything like me and struggle with executive dysfunction, you’ve had to deal with A LOT of overwhelming tasks. That’s because those of us with ED often struggle with planning and memories of our past mistakes haunt us to the point we don’t even want to get started on an important task, whether it’s big or small.

How Can We Deal With An Overwhelming Task Despite Executive Dysfunction?

Before I answer this – just know I’ve been there. Procrastinating the whole day away and then feeling shitty about how I’ve wasted all the time I could have been working. And then actually doing the dreaded task only to find it was SO much easier than my brain was telling me.

Grrrr. Very frustrating!

But it doesn’t have to go like that. There’s lots of things you can do to motivate yourself. One tool I’ve found that helps tremendously with task overwhelm is “Task Breakdown.” It’s a tool that breaks a big task down into ridiculously easy parts like “get a piece of paper” or “sit down in your chair.” While that sounds simplistic, it’s actually really helpful to create smaller, more achievable tasks that add up to a finished project.

The infographic below will tell you how and why this particular motivation tool works so well for Nuerodivergent minds. If you’re curious about more life hacks like this, you might consider joining our group on Facebook: the Encouragement and Accountability Group for Neurodivergents where we help others stay on track with their goals and provide ND education.

Enjoy the graphic and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Infographic: How To Deal With An Overwhelming Task”

  1. SMART Goals put into the real world. I love this so much! Thank you at working to end the stigma of mental health. This really helps my anxiety.

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